Building Details

Building Name MINO - Onohara Hills Estate
Address 4/2/2014 Onoharanishi,
Japanese Classification 4 LDK
Property Size (sq.m.) 269.82
When Built 1991
Building Category House
No. Floors 2
Available From 5/21/2020 0:00


Monthly Rent ¥800,000
Agent Fee Amount ¥640,000,000,000
Key Money Amount ¥1,280,000,000,000
Deposit Amount ¥2,400,000
Monthly Maintenance ¥35,000
Months Agent Fee 1
Other Expenses SECOM home security system: JPY20,000/month, Usen satellite radio: JPY10,000/month, Garden maintenance: JPY15,000/month.


Additional Comments : 2 car secured indoor garage, 1 external parking. Jacuzzi with auto-fill bath, Body massage twist rain shower, Under-sink heaters, Washlets, separate guest toilet. Wall-to-Wall heated flooring (1F), Temperature controlled Water System, Double insulation floor/ceiling, 24hr Roof Exhaust System, Commercial Air-conditioners/Heaters, Curtains and Sheers. Pharmacies, General Stores, Dry Cleaners, Hair Salons, Bakeries, Cafes, Restaurants, Dentist, Pet Clinics, all within 9 min walk from home. Located in the heart of the only International neighborhood in Osaka with all lifestyle requirements within walking distance. The house has been continuously upgraded with new appliances, air conditioners, security systems including drainage systems, plumbing and faucets. Extremely spacious with built-in closets, family room, southern exposure home facing a small park and a nature reserve area.
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