Building Details

Building Name Royal Parks ER Sasashima
Address 4-60-5 Hiraikecho,
Nagoya-shi Nakamura-ku,
Japanese Classification 2 LDK
Property Size (sq.m.) 70.7
When Built 2015
Building Category Apartment
No. Floors 19
Available From 4/21/2020 0:00


Monthly Rent ¥196,000
Agent Fee Amount ¥38,416,000,000
Key Money Amount ¥38,416,000,000
Deposit Amount ¥196,000
Months Agent Fee 1
Other Expenses IC lock battery fee: JPY500+tax(Initial and every 2 years), Water purifier lease fee: JPY1,000/month(optional), Cleaning fee: JPY1,000/??.??


Additional Comments : Underfloor heating(LD), Bilingual concierge service, BBQ terrace/Natural hot springs/Party room available for a fee, Rental bicycle/Gym available free of charge. Actual interior accents are orange.
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Main Contact Info :
phone: +81-(0)3-5449-6061
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