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MetroHomes brings you this engine, and also handles properties for partners who do not have the resources to handle inquiries.

Japan Home Search
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Japan Home Search is a comprehensive property search engine targeted specifically at expatriates relocating to Japan. This popular site lists thousands of rental properties for a real-time snapshot of what is available on the market today. The site also features the “Pin Pointer” tool, which allows visitors to zoom in on the areas surrounding potential properties. Powering this website, our team prides itself on promptly answering all enquiries, and strives to find properties that meet each individual client’s needs. Anyone can find a house - with Japan Home Search you can find a home!

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email : info@plazahomes.co.jp

Main Contact Info : Alex Toyoda
Tel : 03-3583-6941
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Since 1969, our friendly, experienced and professional bi-lingual agents have been introducing properties specifically selected for the needs of expatriates. We have a large list of properties available for sale and rent in Tokyo right now.
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MetroHomes.jp is published by Metropolis, Japan's No 1 English magazine.

MetroHomes is one of the largest web database of English-language real estate properties located in Japan. Partnering with some of Japan's largest bilingual realtors, including the top two firms, we are able to aggregate, classify, and offer for search and enquiry more than 10,000 properties. Our expertise is fast, technologically competent data aggregation, search, and retrieval, and we focus on these points for MetroHomes, keeping the site simple and easy to use.


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